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PK Keränen (22-Pistepirkko) / Revolver / Onsdag 21. okt

21. oktober 2020 @ 21:00 - 22. oktober 2020 @ 00:30

NB!: Billetter kjøpt til den avlyste konserten 21. mars gjelder!

PK Keränen & Valtteri Laurell

PK Keränen frontmann, vokalist og låtskriveren i 22-Pistepirkko slipper sitt solo album 31. Januar. Lørdag 21. Mars besøker han kjelleren på Revolver.


« I got a spark for guitar playing when my neighbor played the Bonanza Western theme melody on an electric guitar. The first custom guitar for me was made by my carpenter father. I was eleven. My amplifier was my family’s traditional tube radio. The biggest musical inspiration was Slade and their Slayed album. The final awakening came with punk: The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. My first band was Matti Mäd & SS, a punk rock band playing their own songs and then in 1982 22-Pistepirkko was formed and that stayed till Saturday 22 October 2015.

Monday 24.10. at nine o’clock in 2015, I started working on a solo album I had long dreamed of. The goal was to find out what I could do without the band and what kind of singer I really am. My dream was to make music that combines everything I like; creepy and grumbling rock ‘n’ roll, simple pop and slow chunks with beautiful melodies. I get influences from all kinds of music, no matter the style; blues, country, electro-pop, rock, anything that sounds and feels right and sincere. Another goal was to trust myself as a solo artist; the album should not sound like a band, but focus on singing, guitar, rhythm machine and, if necessary, keyboards and other extras. The third and perhaps most important goal was not to try to sound like anyone other than myself.»

CC: 250,-
ID: 20 år


21. oktober 2020 @ 21:00
22. oktober 2020 @ 00:30


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Oslo, 0179 NO
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